Palmitos Park

Barranco de los Palmitos, s/n, 35109 Maspalomas


This park is located in the south of the island, and is easily accessible from almost every major city by car and on tour or bus. This wonderful park is both a sanctuary for many rare species of plants and animals, and an entertainment center for everyone who loves nature and wants to have a good time with the company of family or friends. 

One of the unique features of Palmitos is a huge amount of really rare birds, many of which do not even sit in the cages, but move freely throughout the territory of the park and beyond. Sometimes you can see them at arm's length and even feed them with special food that is sold at the entrance to the park and in small shops inside the park. Birds in Palmitos Park are regularly brought from Africa, South America and other equatorial zones. 

Palmitos Park on the island of Gran Canaria is famous for many rare plants. Many plants from around the world are combined with each other in this tropical paradise. While in the park, you can watch many exotic animals. A full of a variety of orchids is presented in the park, not far from it, cacti - the pride of the Canary Islands - are growing. 

In addition to the simple observation of flora and fauna of the park, you can visit a variety of exhibitions of animals and insects - local butterflies house will not leave you indifferent and you will be able to watch a variety of exotic fish at the "Underwater World". 

Especially for children and inquisitive adults, the park regularly hosts performances, where the main role is performed by trained eagles, falcons and parrots. Birds perform such amazing stunts that are worthy of the best circuses in the world - do not miss this show. 

Also, Palmitos Park Gran Canaria is constantly expanding and recently a wonderful Dolphinarium was opened on its territory, where for a fee anyone can talk and swim with the dolphins or just see interesting and original performances of these intelligent mammals. For lovers of monkeys, there is the so-called "island of primates" in the park, where you will find many species of monkeys, ranging from small and agile chimpanzees and orangutans to huge humanoids. 

Palmitos Park Gran Canaria is full of different places to stay, family cafes and restaurants and souvenir shops. There is a convenient parking near the park and a luxury hotel with magnificent views of the island. 

This park certainly deserves your attention, so if you are visiting Gran Canaria, do not forget to set aside time, even a few hours to look into Palmitos. 

Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (ticket office to 17:00). 

The park is open all year round.