Paseo Tomás Morales, 111, 35004, Las Palmas GC


Bilingual Brains School in Las Palmas offers comprehensive training for students from 10 months to 12 years old with a guarantee of further education at the secondary school in the town of Telde Brains. At school, children receive Brains modern multilingual education using the latest generation of equipment. 

In pre-school education (from 10 months to 3 years old), children develop basic skills - language development, fine motor skills, hygiene and nutrition, socialization skills. Training is conducted in two languages: Spanish and English. 

From the stage of the kindergarten (3 to 5 years old) training is conducted on the British system, according to which the English language is taught through the game, naturally and spontaneously, in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Training is also conducted in two languages: Spanish and English. The emphasis is on personal, social, emotional development, communication, language, literacy, math, understanding of the world, physical and creative development. In primary and secondary schools all training is fully and equally in both languages, so that children can use both languages ​​with equal ease and richness of vocabulary. 

In addition, children learn the German and French languages at school. The study of two of these languages ​​is up to the third year, after which the students choose any one of them and prepare for the corresponding official exam: DELF in the case of the French and GOETHE - in German language.