Made in Gran Canaria: coffee.

It is believed that coffee is not grown in Europe. But Gran Canaria is unique in its kind by its coffee plantations. It is unique because it is the only one where the coffee is grown in Europe and the most northerly in the world. Plantation is located in the Las Palmas province in the north-west of the island. Every year it attracts a lot of tourists who want to see how coffee grows, but do not want to go for it to Africa or South America.

Coffee cultivation tradition goes back to the XVIII century. Currently, about 60 families from the local coffee cooperative produce here around 1500 kilos of coffee a year. 90% is Arabica known to everyone, but 10% - local Typica variety of chocolate and fruity notes.

It is worth noting that the Gran Canaria coffee is currently strongly promoted, not only locally, but also in foreign markets. It is positioned as "the only coffee in Europe" and does cause a lot of interest. And not only among fans of the drink, but also among tourists.

On coffee plantations one can to talk to villagers who grow coffee, see all the stages of coffee production, from beans collection and to packaging of the finished product, as well as a cup of fragrant Canarian drink and, of course, to buy it.

Since 2001, coffee producers have established the sale of coffee at grain grocery stores on the island, so local coffee can be bought not only on the plantations, but also in shops around the island.