One of the main natural attractions of Gran Canaria is Maspalomas National Park.

Sand dunes of Maspalomas (Dunas de Maspalomas) are the tourist Eden in the south of the island, a picturesque desert covered with pure sea sand with a salt water lake and a palm grove, where you can only go on foot or by camel.

The ecosystem of the national park is divided into two natural zones - sand dunes and lagoon of La Charca. The climate here is special, unique. Maspalomas is protected by a mountain range, precipitation almost never happens here. All year round there is dry, sunny and moderately warm weather.

Maspalomas Dunes look almost alive. Their relief is unstable, constantly changing contours of the dunes, sand hills are moved by the wind. It seems that only the yellow sand under the deep blue sky changes , while and the surrounding space and time stand still.

The most beautiful are dunes at the sunset, under the golden evening sun and light pink clouds. We can`t call them an absolute desert - among these sands are representatives of the desert flora: thickets of gorse and tamarisks, plants, ephemera with a short development cycle, able to move following the movement of the dunes.

The entire tourist complex Maspalomas occupies 1060 hectares. It includes coastal beaches, hotels, bungalows, restaurants and shops. Part of the resort of Maspalomas is also the same city. The territory of the Maspalomas dunes occupies 403 hectares, their length is more than three kilometers.

It is the biggest and most popular resort on Gran Canaria, including more than 500 hotels, multifamily apartments and farmhouses (chalet), capable of receiving 300 000 visitors at a time. Particularly attractive to tourists are the kilometers of sandy beaches, as well as hundreds of restaurants, bars, discos, shops and entertainment venues. Among other things, Maspalomas has the largest water park in the Canary Islands - Akvasar, Holiday World amusement park with a Ferris wheel, amusement Aborigen village Mundo and theme park Sioux City.