In the middle of the banana belt of the island, at the foot of the volcano Montana de Arucas, surrounded by picturesque mountains and valleys stands Arucas town. Above the town, the parish church of San Juan in the neo-Gothic style stands out. The church (and in the opinion of local residents - the cathedral) was designed by Manuel Vega March, the works started at the beginning of the XX century, but the last of the 4 towers were completed only in 1977. For the construction, the black basalt from the local quarries was used. The church interior is interesting and beautiful, there is a stained-glass sculpture "Resting Christ" by the local sculptor Manuel Rasmosa. The height of the tallest temple tower is 60 m, which is the entire archipelago`s record. The dark silhouette of the temple looks very impressive among the picturesque white houses Arucas, towering among them, is as if darkened by time and storms, although in fact, by historical standards, it is quite young.

The old town hall in the Constitution Square, designed by José A. López de Echegaret, was built in 1875 and reconstructed in 1932.

On the opposite side of the square, surrounded by greenery, stands a small, but interesting city park, which boasts many rare examples of tropical trees, including a soap tree.

In Arucas there is the largest rum plant in the Canary Islands (1884) - Arehucas. It came here in the era of sugar cane and occupied once the seat of the current banana plantations. Hundreds bellied oak barrels are filled with liquid fire.

The museum at the factory is dedicated to the history and method of distillation of the drink. Factory can be visited for tours and tastings of rum.

1.5 kilometers away from the top of the mountain Arucas on Montana de Arucas stands a restaurant with a viewing platform.