Facts about the island

Gran Canaria Island as part of the archipelago Canary Islands is an autonomous region of Spain and is located in the Atlantic Ocean area known as Macaronesia. There are some 200 kilometers to the African coast and 1250 kilometers to Spain.

Gran Canaria is the most populous island of the Canary archipelago, nearly 900 thousand people inhabit it, most of whom live in the capital of Las Palmas.

The prices here are lower than in continental Europe, but the service is renowned for its high quality. Locals are cultured, sociable and friendly people.

The standard of living in Gran Canaria is higher than on other islands of the archipelago, while there is a huge range of opportunities for recreation for every budget, from luxury hotels to apartments that are quite democratic.

While on the island of Greenwich as the UK and Ireland. It is an hour behind the Spanish mainland. On the last Sunday of March, clocks are put forward by one hour. The reverse transition is on the last Sunday of October.

The island has a good network of bus routes and many people use very popular and inexpensive taxis, especially for trips to villages in the center of the island. Most of the roads, even local, are of high quality, so if you want to explore the island, it makes sense to rent a car. Traffic rules are the same as in other European countries.